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This is the official website for the Joint DTP Conference. This is a for-student by-student conference held each year to celebrate the research of hundreds of PhD students across the London NERC, SCENARIO, and SSCP DTPs. This year’s theme is

From Sea to Sky: A Changing World

About this theme:

This theme considers that changes are happening at every level of ­­life: small changes that occur within a single individual, localised changes that affect a finite population or landscape, or global climate change which impacts every aspect of life on our planet. These changes present their own challenges and to address them, researchers are trying to study every changing aspect within our seas, land, and skies – even venturing into space to find answers. This conference will showcase research within each of these biomes, whilst also exploring the connections between them. This research is not only connecting ecosystems, but also disciplines, within the fields of environmental and climate science.

Our Logo

This year’s logo is courtesy of 1st Year PhD student Aidan Pierce from the London NERC DTP. See some of Aidan’s designs below:

A special thanks to everyone who made the 2021 conference fun and inclusive!

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