How to use Slack

Slack will be accompanying the Joint DTP conference as a space to share ideas, get updates on the conference and take part in competitions. Slack is a remote workspace that will help us to stay in touch with you during the conference. We recommend you download the app to your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to keep up to date with announcements.  

The Slack channel is subject to the conference code of conduct. Please respect this.  

Downloading and Making a Slack account  

We will send you an invitation via email to join our slack workspace a few weeks before the conference starts. You can use this time to familiarise yourself with Slack and introduce yourself if you are presenting at the conference.  

To join on iOS or Android download the Slack App, check your mobile inbox for the invite and then tap join now to create an account.  

To download the Slack app to your laptop, go to and follow the instructions to install. You can also download the app from your Windows or Apple store.  

For Windows: 

For Mac 

Already have a slack account? 

Accept the invitation to join our workspace! 

Using Slack 

Slack is organised by channels; you will automatically be added to the channels you need when you join our workspace. These help you see the notifications you need about our conference such as announcements about the sessions. There will also be space for you to discuss research with other attendees.  

You can reply to posts in a channel to make a thread. Hover over a post and click or tap on the message icon on the left-hand side.  

Announcement Channels

  • #annoucements– the channel is where we will share reminders about upcoming sessions  
  • #codeofconduct – here is the conference code of conduct 
  • #conference – This channel has the conference agenda for you to refer back to at any time 

Attendee Channels 

These channels will be automatically in our workspace 

  • #help – for queries, question and IT issues, or anything you need help with. Committee members will be monitoring this throughout the conference, but anyone can offer useful advice! 
  • #competitions – here you can take part in our fun competitions and vote for your favourite presentations.  
  • #posters – This is the channel where you should post your twitter poster entry – join in the discussion by replying to posts in a thread 
  • #random – A place for non-conference related patter, chit-chat, gibber and blather you’d prefer to keep out of the conference-related channels.  
  • #mentalwellbeing – we will be running a session on mental wellbeing on day 2, use this channel to share ideas of what you want the session to cover.  
  • #recipes – Here you can share ideas and tips for those interested in cooking or just starting out. 

These channels are optional, and you can join them yourself. Go to Channel browser, on the left-hand side, and search for the name to join the conversation.  

  • #quiz – As part of our evening entertainment we will be hosting a quiz, use this channel to join or register your team and get updates about the quiz. 
  • #cohort7 – This space is just for members of cohort7 to get to know each other.  

Session Channels 

To provide you with the space to discuss the research presentations, there is a channel for each session. Search for the name of the session in the Channel Browser and post comments or questions and interact directly with the presenters.  

Need to speak to a committee member privately? 

At the top of the Slack workspace, search for Committee Member, pick any one of us and send a direct message. We will get back to you as soon as we can.  

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