Presenting Live

Presenters will receive confirmation of their presentation session in early-August, which will include the presenters link required to join the session. They have the option to present live or pre-record their presentation for the session host to play during the session. Pre-recorded presentations need to be submitted to the DTP Conference Committee before the 3rd September (4 days before the start of the conference). Session will follow the following format: 

Host – introduce the session theme and presenter #1 

Presenter #1 – 10 minute presentation 

Presenter #2 – 10 minute presentation 

Presenter #3 – 10 minute presentation 

Presenter #4 – 10 minute presentation 

Host – introduce the panel discussion 

Q&A panel discussion – 20 minutes  

Presenting live 

So, you have been asked to present a talk on your research project for the joint DTP conference: Engaging Sustainability and you want to present live. This is great! We really encourage presenters to give their talks live as it encourages more engagement with attendees. The conference is going to be held over two platforms, Zoom – for all the presentation sessions, and Slack – for ongoing discussions, message boards and competitions. As a presenter you will receive a presentation link to the online session, please use this to join the session and make sure that your microphone and video camera are functioning properly. 

The host of the presentation session will introduce the theme and the presenters in turn. When it is your turn to present you will be asked to share screen and give your presentation. Guidance on sharing your screen can be found here. Once you have completed your presentation please stop sharing your screen and the host will then introduce the next presenter. 

The standard 5 minute Q&A sections at the end of each presentation have been combined into a 20 minute Q&A / panel discussion between all presenters in the session. We hope this will encourage attendees to ask questions that touch on multiple presentations and lead to interesting discussions. 

Each presentation session will receive an individual slack channel for further questions from conference attendees. This will be open for the duration of the conference so if there isn’t time during the session for your question you can ask it later. We ask that presenters join the slack channel for their presentation session and monitor it for questions about their research. 

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