Making sure you get the most out of an online conference (or meeting)

General video conferencing housekeeping   Engage in respectable conversations   Dress appropriately  Always mute your microphone when not speaking  If possible, please use headphones with microphones, as it improves audio quality  You may wish to turn on live captioning, which will be a feature during the conference  Set a reminder and join 5 minutes ahead of time  In case the session is being recorded – which wouldContinue reading “Making sure you get the most out of an online conference (or meeting)”

Poster Session Guidance

!! Please read carefully as we are following a new poster design this year !!  As we are all adapting to the new normal of online conferences, we’re excited to announce the use of a new poster format specifically designed for online sharing and learning.  The concept is quite amazing and simple:  We compose a handful of concise, engaging slides, turn them into aContinue reading “Poster Session Guidance”

Presenting Live

Presenters will receive confirmation of their presentation session in early-August, which will include the presenters link required to join the session. They have the option to present live or pre-record their presentation for the session host to play during the session. Pre-recorded presentations need to be submitted to the DTP Conference Committee before the 3rd SeptemberContinue reading “Presenting Live”

Recording Presentations

So, you have been asked to present a talk on your research project for the joint DTP conference: Engaging Sustainability but you don’t have the best internet connection and are worried about losing connection during the conference. Although we are encouraging presenters to present live talks can be pre-recorded and submitted to the conference committee before the 3rd September.Continue reading “Recording Presentations”

How to use Slack

Slack will be accompanying the Joint DTP conference as a space to share ideas, get updates on the conference and take part in competitions. Slack is a remote workspace that will help us to stay in touch with you during the conference. We recommend you download the app to your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to keep up to dateContinue reading “How to use Slack”

DTP Conference 2020: Abstract Guidelines

Your abstract should aim to provide a clear and concise overview of your research topic, while capturing the interest of the reader. It should give the reader a clear picture of what your talk or poster will be about, what you have found so far, and why your findings are important. Abstracts may be written in any word processor of your choice, and should be no more than 300Continue reading “DTP Conference 2020: Abstract Guidelines”